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Dive into the travels world, to find a way home, discover new amazing places. The Geographer traveled around the world his whole life and collected stunning puzzle room. Hi told guests about his travels and how to find unusual usage for usual things. But one day he has suddenly disappeared and no one knows his puzzle room mysteries. Legend tells that he watches everyone who visits his room and talks to those who fail to exit before time.


Can you escape before the Geographer comeback?


Number of players in team: 2-5 

Recommended age: 16+

Game price for team: 50 EUR


Geographer room. Around the world in 3600 seconds

Room N-21. Games of Passion. 

Just imagine your travel in time to the Boston in the year 1956. You are the winner’s team. You just have stolen 1million dollars from the mafia Boss. Life is good, but .... Mafia caught you, tied up and locked in the basement of the Bosses house ... Execution is prepared in an hour. The gangsters are waiting their Boss return. You understand it is may be the last hour of your life ... Mafia Boss is known as a skilled torturer crazy about sex. Try to guess what is your destiny? You have only one way: to act quickly and bravely to find Boss weaknesses and escape from the house. Remember the love is your savior – it is should help you to escape, so do not forget to love your fellows.


Accept Game of Passion?


Number of players in team: 2-6 
Mandatory age: 18+

Game price for team: 50 EUR

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